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Course Descriptions in Detail

ABC’s of Electricity

ABC’s of Electricity presents the fundamentals of electricity in a simple manner. This course is directed at the individuals who have no technical background, and should serve as a foundation for further study in the electrical field. Examples and analogies common to everyday experiences are used to clarify many of the electrical topics covered.

This course will cover:

  • Nature of electricity (voltage, current, and resistance)
  • Simple CD Circuit Analysis (Ohms Law, Series, Parallel & Combination Circuits)
  • Electrical Power & Work
  • Electromagnetism (magnetism, electromagnets, transformers)
  • Generators & Motors (simple overview of AC&DC)
  • Alternating Current (AC principles, phase relationships, impedance, power factor)
  • Electrical Power Systems (generation, transmission, distribution)

Advanced Electricity

This course is directed at individuals who have completed the ABC’s of Electricity and have a good understanding of mathematics. The focus of this course will be single-phase and three-phase AC power concepts.

PREREQUISITE: ABC’s of Electricity, or permission of the instructor

This course will cover:

  • Advanced topics in Electricity
  • ingle Phase AC Power
  • Single Phase Generation Principles
  • Three Phase AC Power
  • Three Phase Connections
  • Physical and electrical characteristics of single phase and three phase AC power

Electrical Code - 10 Week Intensive Course

This course deals with the history, development, and implementation of the 2020 National Electrical Code and the latest Chicago Electrical Code. The course content provides a thorough understanding of how and why the codes were established, and code compliance. This is an excellent preparation course for the City electrical examination.

*A copy of the 2020 NEC Handbook will be provided as course material.

Prerequisites: ABC’s of Electricity, or work experience in the electrical industry.

This Course will Cover:

  • Development and Implementation of the Electrical Code
  • Review of the Chicago Electrical Code
  • Study of the difference between the 2008 National Electrical Code and the Chicago Electrical Code.

Introduction to Computerized Electrical Estimating

Poor bidding practices have caused great losses in the electrical industry. This course will help contractors, estimators, and electricians obtain new skills in preparing accurate, competitive bids with fewer mistakes and forgotten items. This is a hands on course, using computer applications such as: MicroSoft Excel (spreadsheets), Accubid, and TRF. This course will be universal, and will be applicable to other estimating software.

This course will cover:

  • Review specs and plans
  • Organizing your take-off
  • Material pricing
  • Applying labor units
  • Job Factoring
  • Requesting and reviewing quotations
  • Applying overhead & profit
  • Alternates
  • Change orders
  • Setting up an estimating database
  • Using you estimate for ordering job materials and job scheduling

Introduction to AutoCAD for Electrical Construction

This is a beginning course for using AutoCAD as a drawing tool in the electrical construction industry. Prior use of CAD programs is not required, but familiarity with computer usage and knowledge of blueprint reading are prerequisites.Emphasis will be placed on typical electrical drawings such as floor plans, riser diagrams, and schedules.

This course will cover:

  • Basic drawing tools and commands
  • Using drawing aids grid, ortho, snap, and object snap for efficiency
  • Customizing toolbars
  • Organizing layers, linetypes, and colors
  • AIA Standard layering conventions
  • Creating symbols (blocks) and symbol libraries
  • Adding text and notes to drawings
  • Dimensioning and dimensioning tools
  • Editing existing drawing files
  • Using external reference files
  • Model space versus Paper space
  • Printing and plotting
  • Preview of 3d AutoCAD

Basics of Electrical Blueprint Reading

This is a beginning course for office personnel, journeymen, estimators, sales professionals, and project managers. This course will take you from understanding symbols, nomenclature, schedules and specifications to a point where you will be able to look at a drawing and understand exactly what the architect / engineer is trying to convey to the user.

This Course will Cover:

  • Site plans - important for utility and customer owned power systems
  • One line diagrams of service and distribution systems
  • Floor plan drawings of typical electrical plans for a small industrial plant
  • Specifications for plant as described above
  • Symbols described in AIA, IEEE, and NFPA publications
  • Schematic drawings of simplified control systems
  • Schedules of equipment to be used in design and installation
  • Relationship between blueprint reading and code compliance

LED’s: The Art & Science of SSL Illumination

This 1/2 day seminar will give students a broad perspective of the latest in LED Lighting technology, applications, and sustainability.

Learning objectives:

  • Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of LED technology for architectural illumination.
  • Indoor & outdoor applications will be discussed and benchmarked with current technologies.
  • Hands-On demonstrations of the various types of LED’s and how they are best suited for specific applications.
  • The benefits and features of the various types of LED’s will be analyzed to determine which ones have the greatest potential for energy savings and long life applications.

Customize a Course for Your Company

Any of the CEAEF courses can be provided to your company. All we need is a minimum of 6 students, and a suitable classroom facility, or you may utilize the classrooms at the CEAEF. We can work with you to schedule the class to best fit your company's specific needs. Contact Ali Novinger at the Foundation office (630-305-3050) for more information.

Please call the CEAEF at (630) 305-3050 to receive a current semester registration booklet or to answer any other questions.

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